Steven W George




“Success - drive, focus, commitment, accountability, authenticity and vision.
Have a vision so big that it sounds crazy to most people.”

I often tell people that I was my first client - which is true.

My own personal experience with physical and emotional distress led me to the realisation that the conventional avenues available were simply not able to address the core issue I was experiencing. In order to regain control of my life I needed to discover a new method. 

It is imperative to recognise that we are multifaceted individuals, and in order to address any one issue, a whole person approach is paramount to achieving truly transformative and lifelong change.

You and only you have the power to change your circumstances, perception and behaviour. What an empowering realisation!
Make yourself a priority not an option. 

I serve as a guide to help provide clarity and the way forward.


Most of who you believe yourself to be is a construct based on your personal environment as a child and adolescent. It's often the source of internal conflict.

  • The purpose of your past is to help you formulate your vision for the future whilst using the present moment to take action on it. Alignment of past, present and future is the key

  • There is a way, in most cases, to unlock the body and mind's intrinsic ability to effectively process stress, anxiety, depression and anger. 

  • Achieving physical health does not involve under eating and over exercising

  • When your vision is clear, decisions are easy Confusion comes from not knowing where you want to go or why you want to get there.

  • You have more control than you allow yourself to believe. Your mind is programable. You can actively set the program or let something else to set it for you. 

“The discomfort associated with change is temporary, while the discomfort associate with stagnation is permanent.”