Steven W George




Defy conventional thinking and
begin to do what’s natural rather
than following what is perceived
to be ‘normal’.”

Welcome to an incredibly unique, effective, sustainable and cutting-edge approach to health, well-being, happiness and success.

The greatest obstacles are often internal, which is the reason why mindset is such a pivotal part if the programs I provide. The truth is, there is some part of you that is resistant to the change you are implementing. The magnitude internal resistance you encounter is in direct relation to the change you are implementing in your life. Mindset can be your greatest ally or your biggest obstacle. When you transform your mindset, your life transforms with it.

In order to create the mindset you need to achieve the health, happiness and the successful lifestyle you desire and deserve, you need:

  • to implement effective strategies and techniques

  • expert and genuinely caring guidance from a mentor who has the ability to help you navigate through the challenges

  • become aware of the dysfunctional beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are holding you back

  • interrupt the mental chatter and overcome internal resistance and

  • transform your mindset and behaviour so that they are aligned with your values and the vision you hold for your life.

Isolating the different aspects of your life leads to you feeling fragmented. Harmony is achieved by integrating and prioritising who you are in totally. The key - understanding there is a significant physical component to mental and emotional health. When your body is not under stress it is better equipped to handle stressful circumstances both emotionally and mentally.

Results may include:

  • greater self awareness

  • managing and reducing stress

  • optimal physical health and well-being

  • increased vitality and energy

  • improved and more restful sleep

  • greater clarity

  • discovering true purpose

  • heightened self confidence and self acceptance

  • self reliance and resilience

  • acquisition of life skills

  • building or redefining of identity / self esteem

  • enhanced lifestyle and quality of life

  • fulfill aspirations

  • healthy relationships and improved social interactions

  • fulfillment and contentment


You have the choice between two cutting edge programs:

Foundation - 12 week program that provides you with foundational knowledge insight and strategies to transform your health and wellbeing.

Mastery - 12 month program that takes your transformation to the next level. You take the pen and begin to consciously write your personal narrative. You begin to perfect life mastery. You create the life that you desire and so richly deserve.

Both programs consist of Zoom or Skype consultations, and emails containing mindset strategies, nutritional plan and training program.