Steven W George
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“Don’t settle for anything other than greatness.”

I love what I do and the inspirational individuals I have the pleasure to interact with.

My lifestyle and mindset are very different to how they were before I began to take action on my health, happiness and well-being. 

I no longer make unconscious, dysfunctional and repetitive choices, which served only as a mechanism to distract me from the core issues I need to address.

My personal experience is what drives me to show others truly effective and proven ways to create change around dysfunctional aspects of their life. 

It is my passion and an important part of my life's purpose to guide those exceptional and unique individuals who seek to create the ultimate experience of life by releasing past baggage and uncovering their authentic self.

I bear a deep passion for human behaviour and have dedicated a large portion of my life to understanding how to break free from the physical, mental and emotional limitations one can impose on themselves.

“Draw on people who uplift and inspire you.”

Me IN A Dot Point:

  • I'm a husband to a timelessly beautiful, highly intelligent woman with incredible grace and warm compassion, which is balanced with a wicked sense of humour.

  • I'm a father to a little girl who is not of this world, a visitor who is here to show us how we could be, if we allowed ourselves to come from place of pure love and a deep connection to who we truly are. She also shares her mother's wicked sense of humour but takes it to another level of kooky that's far more advanced than the world is yet ready for.

  • I ride motorbikes but I don't have tattoos.

  • I have piercings but I won't tell you where.

  • I was a child immigrant from a country devastated by war.

  • I have been called arrogant and humble by the same person - Both statements were accurate.

  • I love the summer and can't stand the cold weather.

  • I am spiritual but I have both feet firmly on the ground.