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Success and wealth can be incredibly rewarding and gratifying. But what do you do when you arrive at the realisation that no matter how much success and wealth you achieve, there continues to be aspects of your personal life that you find difficult to address or even understand? Wealth and success can come with a very unique set of personal challenges and stress which few people understand.

My passion lies in assisting those who have achieved great success and material wealth but have a desire to find true personal fulfillment and purpose.

Those who seek to understand and find peace with their past and make sense of the present.

Those who seek to create deeper and more authentic relationships with the people around them.

Those who seek to be free of physical and emotional health limitations.


You have an unshakable knowing that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing.

My unwavering mission and unshakable commitment is to help you to live the life you desire and richly deserve.

My own personal experience with physical and emotional distress inspired me to develop a truly unique and highly effective methodology that is aimed at helping you create the freedom and fulfillment you desire and deserve.

We will devise personalised strategies that are tailored to suit your lifestyle.

We will proceed at your pace and cater to your requirements.

When you improve your personal life there is great potential to improve your business/professional life.

Reignite the fire for life.

Crush stress and destroy burnout.

Have fun…. remember fun?

Create personal space for deep joy and peace.


Truly enjoy the rewards of your success.

Release yourself from the chains of the past

Create closer and deeply connected relationships.

Stop simply "going through the motions" and begin to fully engage with all the opportunities that life offers you.

Create a more positive and harmonious work/life paradigm.

Find meaning in and reconcile past setbacks.

Begin each day with the spark of passion and energy for an exceptional life.

Be okay with uncertainty and free yourself from the comfort zone mindset.

Discover what core needs you are REALLY seeking to fulfill.

Be seen and appreciated for the unique and exceptional person you are and not what people can get from you.

Programs consist of Zoom or Skype consultations and emails with personalised strategies that are tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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“Before coming to see you, I was so focused on growing my business, that I was not aware of the extent to which other areas of my life were in disarray. By focusing on the physical and mental aspects of my health, I feel more in control and full of vitality ... even my business is benefiting.” - M.M, CEO

”Tired all the time, I was merely going through the motions. Your mentoring allowed me to take responsibility for my life. It is an understatement to say that you have transformed my life - personally and professionally. The changes that I have made in my life have inspired family and friends and have impacted their lives too.” - A.C, Operations Manager

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”I reached out to you based on a referral from a colleague. As a result of working with you, I now have clarity around the direction I am headed and approach each day with a sense of purpose.” - C.M, Executive Board Member

”Your Platinum Program provided me with insight, awareness and strategies needed to change my life and truly understand myself. The level of support you gave me was unparalleled. I felt that you genuinely wanted me to succeed and that you were there to guide, encourage and keep me accountable.” - PW Property Developer

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”Your approach is honest and direct, while at the same time compassionate and understanding. You speak from personal experience and you have helped me to dispense with my excuses and limiting patterns and take action on my goals. Thank you.” - J.D, Elite Sportsperson

”I chose you because I was looking for a more comprehensive approach. I had tried various programs and coaching in the past but always fell back into old habits. You tailored the program to my needs and I am confident that the changes I have made are sustainable as they are aligned with my values.” - B.H, Marketing Executive

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For the first time in my life I feel energised and excited at the beginning of each day. I have a vision, clarity, actionable steps and the determination to see it through. I am unstoppable. I have also used the strategies you taught me with my team with great results.” - T.R, Entrepreneur


“The question isn’t whether or not you deserve health, happiness and well-being. The question is what have you done to earn it?
It is time to take action.”